Hi - I'm Mandy, the owner of Fallon Ave Boutique!
The truth is: I'm just a girl ... in LOVE with shopping! I used to daydream from my corporate job about all the new goodies that I had ordered recently, and obsess over my tracking information on my lunch breaks (you know, so I could get to the packages before my other half did). 
When my corporate job was about to head into some major structural changes, something clicked for me! Why not turn my daydreams and love for shopping for myself into a career, and shop for other women too? 
My boutique name brings me to my roots.  I'm a hometown girl, who grew up on Fallon Ave on a 40 acre hohby farm. After chores (of which you can imagine the nature), I'd snap my fingers and transform myself into a cute girly-girl. Yep. Just like that! Magic.
Anyway, today I juggle three children! Four if you include that other half who I once had to hide all these packages from, who now can't say a word about it! And my desire to have cute, fashionable, reasonably priced clothing has only grown on me more over the years. I want outfits that can be quick, easy and effortless while I mange my everyday life, business and my significant other's business as well. And this is what I bring to all of you as well!
Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you find something that you absolutely love (and if you have a meddling man too, just tell him it was a gift)!
- Mandy